Greed leaderboard bug

I think i have two bugs:

  1. I had a ranking and it was steady for a few hours since I submitted a while ago with no changes. Now, after i decided to log in with facebook, my ranking went down without playing any further match. I think is actually dealing with it as it is a new submission.

  2. I can only see myself on the leaderboard, it doenst show the people ahead or below of me. I remember a while ago I could see the top players of each team and then fight them to check my code against the top players. For some reason, it doesnt appear to me anymore.

Did you possibly switch user accounts when logging in with Facebook? That sounds strange. How much did your ranking change?

Thanks for reporting the bug with the leaderboard ladder tab not loading properly. I’m tracking the bug here now. Can you let me know what browser and browser version you’re using?

My score changed about 200 points, but i think it start making the matches all over again. But is all right, i would probably change the code anyway.

About the leaderboard ladder tab i am using firefox 29.0.1. I tried it right now and it load at first, but then it shrinks and it only shows my score.

@nick For some reason I am having troubles to submit the post, so I will put it here.

I found a bug where the gold almost goes to infinity.

I dont want to share the code to avoid exploits, but contact me for further details if you are interested in reproducing it and patch it.

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