Learn from coding games as a hobby

If I were to just play games like Code Combat, Kano, Human Resource Machine, etc. Would It teach me programming logic so I could build my problem solving skills? I have a slight interest in coding but want to play these games as a hobby to learn some basic programming. My main interest is to play these kind of games for fun and maybe prep me for basic programming like small electronics projects and definitely graphic and web design.

Do you think this kinds of games could at least provide a warm up mentally and learn some basic problem solving to carry over to those kind of projects?

yes, these will teach you the basics of coding. However, if you want to make a project or an Item consisting of software engineering, then you will have to learn more thoroughly, and have proper equipment for the item.

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i agree with Seojin_Roy_Lee

I should have been more specific on the simple project, I just mean like flash games and web/graphic design. Would Javascript, css, and html be enough? Plus whatever else it teaches on here? I have barely used Code Combat, sorry.

Be free to do anything you want to do. So don’t let anyone else choose what u do.

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that is really well said

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