Let's make a wiki!

Sorry everyone, I said it was “the official home of codecombat… etc. etc.”

Wow, that escalated quickly! We already have a total of 79 pages, a complete list of items etc. etc.
However, there’s a ton of content reproducing stuff from the site (screenshots of levels…), as well as proposed solutions.

I feel that we shouldn’t just fill the Wiki with materials from the game.
Especially levels that are subscription-only shouldn’t just be posted in their entirety, and there’s already a consensus here on the forum not to publish “walkthroughs”, i.e. complete solutions.

What’s everyone else saying?

Which link? (20 chars)

I can’t find the wiki guys.

20 characters is not enough to get 20 chars

the quote from someone else does not count as any characters.

I meant that if you type “20 characters”, that’s still not 20 characters, but only 13 :wink:

I went to the wiki page and this is what i saw

What do you mean? I don’t see anything wrong with it

There is nothing there

Guess that’s what it is :man_shrugging:

That’s quite weird though.
Last time I visited (which was shortly after it was created), it was chock-full of stuff.
Someone must have gone on a deleting-spree…?
Random act of Code-rage?

i wanted to check the wiki out but there is no wiki where did it go?

Please do not revive this dead topic.
The wiki might have been deleted.

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ok I was just curious about this sorry :sweat:

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