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Lets talk about how we might be able to make this game and others better!


I thought that it might be fun to talk about how we think we could make this video game and others better! :grin::grin:


Well, I thought what I really need in this game, and thats a lot of thing.
More levels, more items, more programming languages, OOP learning levels and etc.

But one thing after all games become better - when you need to to interact with other players. That can be more multiplayer levels, or season events when clans challenge between each other, or levels were you need help other players to code second character logic. Now all players mostly single in this game.


Right how about other video games like subnatica or World Of Warcraft or even the Call Of Duty Black OPS game series?


@RobAnybody are you online?


@Unknown come check this topic out you might like it


@Emidoge look this topic you Might like plz check it out man


@Chaboi_3000 do you think that this would be a good topic?


I think it’s time for some more Items.
Natsu what do you think it needs?


ya you are right 20 chartors


@Gamestack come check this out plz


so @Deadpool198 I think that this game needs to be less hard but other than that I think its Gr8
the only games I really think that they could use some work are all of the survival games well except for SUBNAUTICA


Hey @Natsu, a couple things:
One: CoCo is technically not a video game
Two: You shouldn’t really be “summoning” those people because it gets annoying
Three: I think CoCo should make the lifetime a bit cheaper. Maybe $80.00?


Please do not mention me(or others) for something like this. I’m waking up in the night because you’re calling me. Please do not unnecessarily mention other people. This is causing spam within topics. Just say things in one post. Such as, Guys, go check this out!


Sorry,but i flagged all your “come check this out plz” comments because they are all off topic. (I am NOT a moderator)


@Natsu hello ( lets see if you find this annoying cause im going to do this in a couple of other topics)


@Minecart_OfDoom I think you don’t have to say things like that. It’s not kind to bring people’s mistakes and make it a larger problem. If you don’t like it, just flag it, don’t do the same to the other person. It makes matters worse. Please don’t spam the forum just for your own pleasure of doing things against users.


Chaboi_3000 you know that the problem with flagging is that the bots automaticly puts my acount on hold witch mutes me and it’s kinda messed up to flag me when I was just trying to invite you to a topic I thought you guys might in-joy and I’m sorry but in my case I did not now that it was anoying but hey lets not dwell on the past and let’s talk about how we can make video games better! :pleading_face::innocent::sweat_smile::grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think it would be cool if we had a live ‘build your defensed by coding’ thing, kinda like Clash of Clans exept with coding (There is something like what i am describing. it is called Screeps)


Screeps ? Do you play this game and how long takes to learn the basics?


I think it would be a great idea if non-subscribers can get the subscription for free after they complete every single non-subscriber level. However, this idea may be biased since I am not subscribed.