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Level bug? / Min Equipment? "The Prisoner"


My fiancee was unable to beat the level “The Prisoner” using just the basic equipment (88 health, basic sword). I tried with my account using the same basic equipment and the ogre kills me every time. What is the minimum equipment for this level?


I am also unable to beat it with 88 health. You/your fiancee could try to bring your archer in attack range to the ogre and let the archer do the mainwork, or return with a little bit more health.
131 health with the right tactic is more than enough, as I still have 41 HP left in the end (in other words you’re just 3 HP short).

You get a wooden shield later in the dungeon for free, which gives you an additional 33 HP.
Look here:


Well, one CAN do it with the “basic” equipment . . . meaning if you started a new character and only did the levels between the entrance and this one… (leather belt, simple sword, and, of course, the shoes.)

That’s 18 hp by the way.


What was your code for that run? Both my fiancee and I were unable to do so successfully using just that eq (plus the breastplate, perhaps).


What tell you the code!!! NO!!! :smiley: but I will tell you the idea :smile:
I never fought the ogre and ran along the outside edge and then backtracked, until the archer killed him . . . wait this level is so simple (meaning the commands you can use) that I think I just did tell you the commands (well almost). :wink:
So I guess I didn’t need/use the sword, or the armor… HA! you can do this one with just the shoes!!!