Level Code Guidelines

This morning I was scrolling though all the levels, and I noticed that there is a difference in coding style. This is because some levels are created by users, and not all levels are created by the same users. That’s why I suggest that we make a coding style guide for artisans. This way the coding style will be consistent for all levels.

We already have something similar for the code for Code Combat itself here, but not yet for the JavaScript of the levels. We don’t have to write it from scratch. We can use guides like the Jquery JS Contributions’, Mozilla’s or this one.

Based on these we can write maybe have a Hangout and decide on the Coding style and make a Wiki page based on that?

Good idea. We don’t have good internet here at the new command center yet for a hangout, but we will later this week. In the meantime, we can start a basic wiki page–care to do the honors? Since we’re teaching people JS, the JS in our levels should be as standard as possible, minus all the complicated parts that Artisans don’t need and minus things that are for compatibility with other editor environments (since we know they’ll be typing in ACE on our site, and ACE handles UTF-8 and newlines and soft tabs).

Sure I’ll start on a wiki page, which we can further improve and adapt after the hangout. I’ll let you know more regarding this ASAP.

The wiki page can be found here: https://github.com/codecombat/codecombat/wiki/Coding-Guidelines-for-Artisans
Once it finished, we need to find a way to have this wiki page somewhere visible on a visible place where all artisans will see it. So that all Artisans are away of this Code Guideline.