Level Gems or Death - why in case, when sword and stones are gathered, they are not available later


We with my son managed to get equipment in the level Gems or Death. But no additional points are given for this, and as well, the sword and helmet are not preserved. Why it is so? It does not seem fair (at least from child viewpoint)

The equipment is just a thang programmed to fall away when you get close to it. There is no particular item you will get.

Think of it as just decoration! It’s pretty much just fused into the ground…:sweat:

This has been discussed in other threads (previous threads: Picking up Items in a level doesn’t add them to my inventory as expected?, Is it possible getting the equipment in Gems or Death?).

Although this is “working as designed”, I believe this specific case would warrant an exception. So here is a feature request that does not require any changes to the game engine: add a bonus goal that is to reach the equipment position in the map, and reward accordingly.

What do you guys think?

I’m not quite sure of that idea, unless you mean rewarding with gems.

@Imperial_Soldier The “equipment” thangs in Gems or Death are not easily reachable: I believe you need to have either “Boots of Jumping” or “Boots of Leaping”, which require a relatively high level to unlock and an amount of gems that you usually don’t have at the time you first come across this level. There may be alternative ways to reach it using subscriber-only heroes or high end gear with very high HP, but those should be even harder to pull off.

Hence I see it as an optional goal that would require revisiting this level later on, an Easter egg per-se. I think it would warrant at least a piece of equipment.

Getting to the point, where sword and helmet are located, could be done without expensive gear, if one adds commands to move to zero X coord before the bombs, and then goes further by this line till one leaves bombs behind.

This does not seem trivial and that is why lack of reward was frustrating, especially for the child.