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"Hold the Forest Pass"


This level is really hard, if not impossible. Well I only have 339 health, but I can’t upgrade because I only have 18 gems. Not a joke. Guess I’ll just wait for another survey to get more gems.


there are some posts to help you find ways to gain gems. Theres a search function in topright corner. You should find sth useful


I think there should be a Refund option that will get rid of an item from your inventory, and grant you however many gems it cost. Because I have a lot of stuff in my inventory that I don’t use.


If you’re low on gems and you need more health, you can simulate games, which gives you 20x^0.4 gems, where x is the number of games you have simulated. That should earn you a few hundred pretty quickly. Try this:


That is most likely not going to happen. Imagine the following situation:

I happen to have 4000 Gems spare. I get the Goldstorm-Wand for my Mage, because I can need it in the current level.
Next level I can use the Burl-Summoning Wand, so I sell my Goldstorm-Wand for it's original price.
Next level I want to play with Anya, my warrior. So I sell all my Mage-Gear and get the best warrior-equipment possible.

See, not gonna work.


It would probably be a better idea to sell at some reduction, like at 50% price or something similar.