Picking up Items in a level doesn't add them to my inventory as expected?

I’m unclear if this is a bug or not, which is why I didn’t post to GitHub.

I’ll use the Blackwood Forest level gems or death as an example, but there are others.

In this level, the hero can be coded to move around the fire traps and appears to collect the sword and shield items that are on the map; however, those items are not awarded in the victory screen and do not appear in the items inventory after returning to the map.

I expected that picking up items like this in the map would add them permanently to my items inventory.

Some background: I’m a new unpaid player just finishing up Blackwood Forest. I had the basic sword and fur hat when I “collected” these items.

I think those are just for decoration in the level. I’ve never heard of heroes picking up items that were added to their inventory, with the possible exception of The Lost Viking.

So the cake is a lie?

Seems pretty disappointing given that those “items”:

  1. are placed in the game in the context of a dangerous reward,
  2. have shadows under them like other items, and
  3. disappear when your player moves over them the same as coins and gems are collected.

Another example is Munchkin Swarm. On the right beside the campfire there is a sword and helm that can be collected, but getting those and destroying the chest in time without dying when you have pretty basic equipment was a wee bit challenging. Possible, but challenging.

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Also, I wouldn’t put Lost Viking in this category. The sprite at the end of the maze isn’t the same type and isn’t collected by the player (you actually stop right before it and the level goes to the success state. Also the reward is displayed in the victory screen when you complete the level. And finally, the reward in Lost Viking is the main goal of the level.

In my examples, these items look more like risky side quests. The rub is that there’s no reward for the risk.

They aren’t necessarily meant to be collected (though it would be pretty cool if they were). :confused: In Gems or Death, the goal is the gems; in Munchkin Swarm, the goal is the chest. The weapons are just there for effect.

Propose to add this to the FAQ at least or undo an animation of being dismissed from level area.

It’s very confusing. I’ve posted feedback with this question, too. (not on the forum, so I can’t give a link)

It should be an easy fix so the items cannot be picked up: this behavior already exists in Oasis.

Moving to the helmet ~[18,13] does not cause it to be collected, leaving the player with the (correct) impression that it is just background art.

I’m still not sure if this is should be a bug for GitHub or a feature request for… uh… where do feature requests go?

I’m not sure, but it seems that it should be a github issue with an “enhancement” type, like that.