Level: Hunter Triplets


When Anya tells me to change the string in line 6, I change it, then the “Cast Spell” button appears but I can’t click it. It’s like the text area is on top of it…

I’ve already played the other levels, so maybe it’s a bug?


Hi, F4E. Having playtested Hunter Triplets (one of my favorite levels, by the way), I think that your problem is simply a software bug. Try adjusting your AutoCast settings, and if that doesn’t work, post your multiplayer URL here.

When I try to select that button (or even the AutoCast settings button), it simply selects the text area (the cursor icon is the one to insert text). It seems that the button is under the text area… This just happens to me on this level. I’m using Chrome.

Also, my multiplayer option is disabled.

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F4E, can you post a screenshot? Does it look normal but just react unclickably? Also, are there any browser extensions you have enabled that might be interfering? And which of the soldiers are you clicking–does it do the same thing regardless of which one?

I know there are problems with the cast button in Hunter Triplets, but I haven’t been able to track it down yet, so your help is appreciated!

I just figured out that if I select the right-most beaten soldier, it works normally (I tried different combinations with the extensions I have installed on Chrome. However, that was not the problem, I think).

I can’t reproduce a screenshot, since the PRTSC button doesn’t capture the mouse cursor.
If I either select the left-most soldier or the top one, when I hover the mouse cursor over the button, it just stays like an I (text insert mode) instead of the hand cursor, and if I click, it selects the line of code instead of the button. Like I said, the button seems to be under the text area.

Okay, good to know. I’ve got this bug on my list for near-term fixing.

Okay, so I found that if I continue selecting the right-most soldier, after the playback, if I change the code, the button won’t work again… I can only continue (“cast it”) by clicking on the other soldiers (or moving my wizard, I think).
Also, the effects of the code (after the change to the “attack” argument) will just apply if I change the right-most soldier’s code. What I mean is that if I change other soldier’s code, that soldier will save the code, but will not obey it.
I don’t think this is the normal behaviour you want the level to have.

In the meantime I found some other bugs, such as: change code of the right-most soldier, “cast it” (by selecting other soldier). That soldier will perform it, but the others (left-most and top soldiers) will obey to the previous version of the code or maybe the original one, making me changing the right-most soldier’s code again (adding a comment for instance), and then, yes, they all obey it.

All these issues just happened in this level.

I’m not really sure what’s happening here, but I’m getting a ton of bugs. I’m using Safari, so that probably has something to do with it. The first time I played the level — everything went the way it was supposed to, i.e. the soldiers died and whatnot. The second time around, and every subsequent time, that hasn’t happen and the code box hasn’t even appeared.

I really don’t know what the issue is or how to fix it, other than downloading another browser (Chrome) and attempting it there.

Thanks for the detailed bug reports. I think I need to disable this one until I can rewrite the spell editor view code. The shared method implementation, where the soldiers share the same code, has always been buggy and gets even worse the more I mess around with how the multiplayer code persistence is done. I’ll put it back up once that code is cleaned up.