Heroes selection button is broken

hello, guys.

Just encountered a bug where the “select hero” button is not working, and I want to change my hero.

Could you please have a look into this? Thanks!- Yashins

Try changing your hero through the equipment stage in a level. Or try reloading.

If that doesn’t work, I have no earthly idea what to do

Perhaps they can also clear browser cookies or restart their device, or a combination of both

I tried twofoursixeight’s approach on a different browser and computer, and it and still has the same issues.

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okay, the button does not work for me but i found something :smiley:
So, first click on the level that you want to play
then, hit play.
It should bring you to this, click what I circled in blue toward the bottom


Yep, it works, but it is a bit uncomfortable to change during a couple of arenas I encounter with.

Probably have to “@” somebody? Chaboi_3000? to fix the error?

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Also congrats on advancing to “KelvinTaph Glacier!”

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