Level not loading. HELP

Screenshot 2022-06-29 8.59.45 AM

I have clicked all three of them and the all don’t work but the reset code works but right as I start coding again it has the same problem. :expressionless: @nick

What level is this?

shine getter (2000000000)

Do reset level and just start again, it works perfectly fine for me

I restarted the level and started coding but it reloaded the site and the thing happend.

Hmm, wdym it reloaded the site?

like when you push the
Screenshot 2022-06-29 9.10.45 AM

Hmmm, never did that for me, trying “comment out my code”

when I push that it doesn’t work

do you think it is an internet porblem?

No, @bryukh, could you look into it?

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I’ll wait (20000000)

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Try these things (not all at once rather a new step each time the one b4 it doesnt work) :
Sign out of CoCo and sign in again
Close your browser and open it again
Clear cache from your browser
Shut down your device and open it again


all of those dont work

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If none of those things work, comment out your code twice. Doing so will allow you to access your code. You can DM me your code, and I’ll try to see what’s going on.


I sent you a msg on here with my code