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Shine Getter Bugs


So I just went into the level Shine Getter and this showed up,

I tried clicking reset level but the thing shows up again. This might need the Codecombat collaborators help on it like @nick. Please help.


I got to the level by pressing retry but there are also a few more things buggy about the level like:
Hero shows an “X” underneath it but nothing shows up in my code
Level is slower than usual
and I found something new on the bottom of the code page:
54 AM


while loops that are not while True loops are kinda cranky.
just use a for loop instead.

while True:
    for coin in hero.findItems():
        if coin.value == 3:

I am also having the same problem. I tried @SuperSmacker 's solution and that didn’t work either. The level is bugged. It is preventing me from advancing any further.


There is a way to advance farther than that level. I will PM that to you.


I got this level to run my code. It wouldn’t run on any other browser besides Microsoft Edge.