Level u stuck on most?

What level were you stuck on for the most time?
Mine was clash of clones.

I was on clash of clones for a few days so that was hard. But I get stuck on almost every mountain level.


I don’t know about a ‘longest’ level i was stuck on.


I’ve kinda been stuck on every level for a bit. I’ve barely made it to the desert, so I guess right now, it would be the last level in the forest.

It was probably golden mirage, fragile maze or lost viking (is that what it’s called?). Those are the three topics I’ve asked for help for on the forum. I did them eventually though (golden mirage from the help on the forum), I just had to wait like 2 years from 2018 until I was good enough lol :grin:.


By me it is by far Prime pathing. Its SO hard (at least for me)

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For me is Restless Dead.I’ll soon become one with it.

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For me it was Kelvintaph Burglar or Kelvintaph Cruasder.

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mine’s summit’s gate.

I didn’t have trouble with Lost Viking cuz I kinda sorta cheated. kinda.

the answer. maybe...

If you want to know how I did it PM me. I don’t want to give anything away.

Fzn Fact: I still have not actually completed Prime Pathing legitimately You may see it as complete, but that is because I eventually gave up and just used moveXY on the last section. (Obviously hero.command as well)

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