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Sarven Savior Pathing


I just did Sarven Savior (completed it), and it appears that some of the ally NPC’s have rather glitchy pathing. I followed the normal design of this level (send your allies back, build a fence to keep the enemies out), and one of my NPCs is getting stuck along the bottom mountain edge, just outside of the X area. To get around that, I had to move past the stuck NPC, then build 2 fences just behind them , in order to keep the enemies out. It seems to be Nikita who is having bad pathing.

Nick, you may want to double check that pathing :wink:


Hmm, I didn’t see that for some reason. I’ve just twiddled the obstacles, though. Are you still seeing the problem?


Seems to be working smoothly now. I’m running it a few times; it seems as if they’re pathing properly now.