Levels locked after Treasure Grove

All levels after Treasure Grove are locked. Status of Treasure Grove is always “Started”. When I submit Treasure Grove, I go to multiplayer ranking page. (and there is text “submitted a hour ago”)

Chrome, Windows 8.1, Python, ID: Mike Smith

Now Treasure Grove status is “Complete!”, but levels after it are still locked

There aren’t any more yet! We release five new levels a week, so hang tight and we’ll get some more stuff for you to play.

Oh, thanks. The thing is that some of these levels were unlocked before I’ve submitted Treasure Grove for the first time.

And Treasure Grove is still unlocked.

Which ones are still locked for you, exactly?

Levels with “Locked” (not “Coming Soon”):
Touch of Death
Arcane Ally
Munchkin Harvest
Swift Dagger

At least three of them were unlocked before I started Treasure Grove. I don’t have “Adventurer” status, I’m just a regular player.

Try playing Shield Rush again; it should unlock Munchkin Harvest and Arcane Ally for you, which each start a new level branch to unlock the ranger and wizard heroes for purchase.

I’ve tried it for a few times, but nothing happened. Still locked

@scott Can you check out the unlock status here?

I don’t know how to unlock “Arcane Ally.” “Will someone please help me with that?”