Forest levels locked

I’m stuck on the second map (Forest? The map after the very first dungeon map) because I’ve completed the levels Drop the Flag, Deadly Pursuit and Rich Forager. After Rich Forager, the game directed me to Multiplayer Treasure Grove. I started a tutorial (Brawlwood) but the coding window initialized with java script (until that point I was writing Python!) Long story short, I am now stuck because my program for Brawlwood can’t run and all the other levels on the Forest map are locked. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Shucks, I forgot to give tech specs. I’m running Chrome 39 on a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.9.5 and my CodeCombat ID is phreding. Any other information required?

You’ve done basically all the levels that are released. Multiplayer Treasure Grove is still not released, but you can try playing it here:

Not sure why it redirected you to the Brawlwood tutorial! Can you give steps to reproduce for how you got there?

I attempted to reproduce my steps of how I got to Brawlwood Tutorial but failed. It seems to take me back to the Laddar page after completion now.