@TheCodingCrusader22 its my personal opinion ok? nothing more nothing less

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thanks SOMEONE FINALLY APPRECIATES MY OPINION without you I might have quit this subject so you made a diffreerne today

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yay ty for respecting my opinion

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Np it’s a community anyway we should all respect each other no matter what our opinions are :slight_smile:

i do want to ask you. why do you reject a philosophy with proof for a philosoph you your self say has no proof?

dude that made absolutely no sense

wdym (20 charssssss)

wdym wdym ur comment to Arthur made no sense
rewrite it with correct grammer…

check it agian is my edit good grammer

Ig so
(20 characters)

i don’t know what lg means

abbreviation for I guess

Hello! there’s SOMETHING CALLED PERSONAL OPINIONS THAT I FEEL LIKE YOU DONT UNDERSTAND I don’t want to argue anymore about this!

This is a very touchy topic you made. And it almost welcomes in arguments because so many people have so many views on life. So I just want to warn y’all who talk here to be nice and keep the rules in mind before a big argument blows up. I think the topic is a cool idea if you’re willing to share your idea/listen to others ideas/and be able to handle a disagreement on your idea. Otherwise Chaboi will have to close it because we’ve had big arguments about religion, politics, and lifestyles here and none of them ended well.


maybe he should close it what do you think?

As long as you guys respect each other’s opinion, I think it is fine.


well i am not trying to be mean i am trying to discuss it civilly. sorry if it came off as offensive.


thank you we will forget the previous arguments


but I also want to tell you that I think you should have the right to your opinion I would be unchristian if I didn’t but since I believe that this is a matter of eternity I would also be unchristian if I did not challenge you


Dude…you gotta work on your spelling…