Topic for Christians

here christans can discuss christanity and people who are curious about Christianity can ask questions
debates are permitted as long as they stay cival


YEAH!!! GO CHRISTIANITY!!! Great topic best one I’ve seen in a while(except for this one:
Contest for best game development project!)


because you made it :laughing:

WHy do people name their kids after Christianity?.

Because it’s a good name

Why do people name their kids after states

idk, seems weird.

If someone names their kid after states than I see no reason not to name them Christian

i was just asking.

It a fine question I’m just giving a answer sorry if it was harsh

Why do they even? There seriously is a guy named Chicago?
Also I don’t see a problem naming a kid by something that is somehow connected with Religion.

Idk why they do some of the names are fine like the name Arizona is from me with me but my point was is people name people different things.apso people who are secular are named Christian (the last part was to di_mon)

Hey guys I’m back (burn 20 chars)

School blocked so I had to use my other google account

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Why post here??

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Well ive recently been studying Matthew 22 it’s really interesting


Noticed this topic was kinda not active, but on this day in history:


frontispiece of the King James Bible

The King James Version of the Bible was first published. Discover the misprints and errors in early editions of the King James Bible

Rare Book and Manuscript Library/University of Pennsylvania

imagine a guy named Ohio :skull:

honestly thats not a bad name

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that’s cool. so the University of Pennsylvania has the edition #1?