Life is weird and I wanted to share my personal ideas about life and I wanted to expand my ideas on other people’s perspectives below is a super long article about life well maybe more philosophy so get ready for some philosophy. In my opinion, life is just meaningless we humans want to think that we have value in our world which fuels the search for purpose and legacy why do people buy things like monuments and memorials? well, they want to be remembered far past their lifetime we value our surroundings as it gives a feeling of value and importance but the truth is we are insignificant to this world we know this subconsciously and want to do our best to avoid this but the truth is that we should be accepting this truth as it helps live a more fulfilling life I have no evidence of this being the truth but I do have some examples of why our values make us feel important.
Parents for instance, might know they will be insignificant in the future but they live for the sake of their children. Similarly, friends can have a significant impact on teenagers, as the desire to fit in and peer pressure reinforce the need to feel significant and accepted. We try to be as right as possible but the truth is we will always be wrong somehow, what does a smart person differ from a normal person well, both will be wrong somehow but the smart person will be less wrong than the other one. We should strive to have a realistic perspective as our fantasies may never be fulfilled we might want to be more successful than others but we should strive to be normal as this may give us more happiness (I have no proof but these are my ideas)
hopefully after reading that you can tell me what I got wrong and what you can relate too!

this is just a bad article about my ideas I wanted to know what were your ideas on life

this a bit different from the philosophy but painful topic as its more like shower thoughts

As a Christian, I have a meaning to my life. Humans were created specially and similarly to God in the way we think. We think and act unlike any animal which sets us apart. We were also created to glorify God. Since I became a Christian, I know I’m going to heaven and will meet Him one day. Our job is to show kindness to others and point them (lovingly) to becoming a Christian too. I’m able to completely trust in God so I don’t get bogged down in the troubles of this world. But I also have fun in life. It’s not like a world where I’m rigid and scared I’ll make the wrong move and anger God because he’s loving. But we are supposed to strive to do the job which He originally created for us. I have a job and a purpose to living so I am a very content and happy person.


well thats some good observation of it I’ll say that you know this reminds me of that book called everything is “cant say this” as there’s a chapter about it well this a bit off topic now but in conclusion good idea ill add that into the notes

you realy feel this way? life must be sad for you but as enpointe77 said we are created by God to glorify him .

woah no offense im atheist so i dont believe in that but its good to have your own beliefs as I respect those

When you think, you can’t think of nothing. This is because when you think you think of something, this might just be me, but I always just have to think and think and think. A man who thinks has nothing to think about but thoughts, thoughts is thinking, and thinking is thinking about thoughts that we think about. Speaking about thoughts and thinking, my brain is lost thinking about this. I am having multiple thoughts of nonsense. I am lost in this thought, why am I thinking of thoughts and thinking and how I can’t think about nothing because thinking brings past thoughts and questions that lead to even more thinking. We have to think to form thoughts, so we can’t think of nothing, thinking and thoughts are something that our brain does repeatedly like to know. When you look at something your brain thinks about thoughts like: what is this just a thought, is this dangerous to be thinking about this. Codecombat is worth to be thinking about, there are many thoughts to think about, for loops, aileague new pets thinking never ends. You think thoughts when you sleep and when you’re awake. When you get lost in your thoughts, it is considered and intense thinking, even though you are lost, you think more about the thoughts that can help you get out of being lost. This results in even more thinking.

(lol my brain got so lost while writing this)

Ye we are blessed to be able to reconsider our thoughts

I don’t have faith it’s just I don’t believe in god I don’t start fights about this stuff

Well, just because you’re atheist or something, doesn’t necessarily mean you believe I’m evolution.

yay thats true (20 chars)

I don’t believe that but I do believ we evolved from single cell organisms what’s the problem with having my own opinions ? Everyone’s different

Kinda with Arthur_U here bc my family is Christian, and we go to church every week and stuff, but like I really just don’t believe in it. So yeah what’s the problem?

i think i got a bit off track in talking about evolution but i do want to ask is there somthing that happend in your life that inflenced your views

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ye two books 20 chars

what books (20 chars)

I think we should get back on topic but it’s the art of not giving a (something) and another boook called everything is (something) and I personally like them I don’t get why it gets so much hate but nvm

This is an interesting topic, don’t get discouraged in your continued delving into it, Arthur.
When faced with what we don’t know, and the unpredictability of life (and death), as well as our own smallness in the great scheme of things, it can be very hard. You are right that parents and friends can be significant to each other, so there already there is some real meaning, and some way where people can tell themselves “I made some positive difference that I lived”. We tend to have delusions of grandeur however because we are raised on books and movies where the main character always saves the world or the universe or the multiverse, or we read the news which is always filled with people changing the world. But there are really billions and billions of people and we are just one of them. Maybe it is enough to just change the lives of the people around us for the better. And maybe if everyone thought that way, the whole world would already be better.

why did you choose a philosophy that you feel has no proof? Is there somthing besides these books that has made you question your value?