Lifetime Subscription

So, if I get a lifetime subscription, would I get gems every month, or even at all? I am thinking of buying a lifetime subscription. Can anyone tell me if its worth it?

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It depends if you always use CC (code combat) then I think it is worth it, if you are, for example if your just going to do it for just 9 months then monthly subscription is better (9.99 * 9 = 89.91) which is better than 99 dollars. I think lifetime subscription is better because the levels are going to last more than 9 months and who knows you might want to let your children (when you have one) use it too. and your grandkids and so on… hope this helps
sincerely @Jake_Doggy


Thank you for the advice, do you know if you get gems monthly when you have a lifetime subscription?

Monthly subscriptions get monthly gems - 3500 each month.
Yearly and Lifetime memberships get one-years worth of gems (3500 x 12 or 42000) up front.


Oh, ok, thank you for the explanation.