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What happens when you subscribe?


Hi, I was just wondering what do you get when you subscribe? :roll_eyes:


If you lifetime subscribe, you get a huge chunk of gems, you get access to pets and different heroes, and levels. These are useful for higher scoreboard levels and saying something like beat yah, boi!


Hahaha :grinning: Funny


Subscribing gives users access to better things (heroes and gear) and subscriber levels, and a large amount of gems! I think that the CodeCombat staff use the money earned from these subscriptions to make CodeCombat better?

Win/win situation :smiley:

And if users aren’t happy about the subscription, they can just unsub.

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Well unless they do lifetime. XD

They mainly use it to run the server and to pay its employees.

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ohhhh okay thank you! :joy: :laughing: