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What happens when you subscribe?


Hi, I was just wondering what do you get when you subscribe? :roll_eyes:


If you lifetime subscribe, you get a huge chunk of gems, you get access to pets and different heroes, and levels. These are useful for higher scoreboard levels and saying something like beat yah, boi!


Hahaha :grinning: Funny


Subscribing gives users access to better things (heroes and gear) and subscriber levels, and a large amount of gems! I think that the CodeCombat staff use the money earned from these subscriptions to make CodeCombat better?

Win/win situation :smiley:

And if users aren’t happy about the subscription, they can just unsub.


Well unless they do lifetime. XD

They mainly use it to run the server and to pay its employees.


ohhhh okay thank you! :joy: :laughing: