I got Lifetime Access, when will I get my annual gems?

Hello! I got Lifetime Access and I am just wondering when I will get my annual gems? I thought I would have gotten them by now? I try to keep track but I keep forgetting as well. I got Lifetime Access since 2/5/2018.

I believe this will answer your question: Lifetime Subscription

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Yep, unfortunately after the first year you don’t get gems for the lifetime subscription anymore

(I also have the lifetime subscription)


But I have gotten gems year after year since the year I joined! I have been on here for long (but I had a break as well). I have gotten gems for a few annual years already, I just noticed I had not got any for this year, so what you said with only getting gems for the first year has not been true in my case, and I recall, I always looked forward to get them. I sincerely hope to still get my annual gems, it was quite fun those years! No, this can not be true. I have gotten gems annual for over a year! I refuse to believe this!

That’s unusual, @Chaboi_3000 @nick @Venneth could any of you take a look at this please?

Lifetime subscription is different from Yearly access. For lifetime subscription you receive a large sum of 40,000 gems once, and is a single payment, while yearly subscription means renewing every year and getting gems every time. My assumption is that you originally subscribed to yearly access and recently purchased the lifetime subscription.

Your assumtion is incorrect.

Please don’t write like that…it can be taken as rude. Could you please elaborate on what you did purchase so that Chaboi can help you?