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Subscribing? What is it?


I’ve seen lots of things talking about subscribing?
I’m not sure what and how to subscribe, anyone willing to help?

ps Yes, I am new.


Subscribing is a feature in CodeCombat.

By paying a $10 monthly fee, you get access to:

  • Around 100 subscriber only levels.
  • New Heroes, Better Items, and Pets.
  • Learn HTML and CSS in the Game Development worlds.
  • And 3500 gems a month as thanks!

It’s worth it if you’re new to and want to pick up coding quick.


You can click on the premium icon and you’ll see:

  • Access 330 levels available
  • Receive 3500 gems per month
  • Unlock exclusive heroes
  • Make games for your friends
  • Build websites and apps
  • Equip more powerful items

In the free version, only “Main path” levels are available and most of them are “demo” levels for various concepts. Additional branches from the “Main road” allow to practice and sharpen your skills. Also, of course, more fun with the interesting levels.

You’ll be able to unlock additional warriors, rangers and wizards as a hero. They have different unique skills.

Also, don’t forget about Game Dev and Web Dev Courses/campaigns.

And of course Pets!


If premium is the same thing as lifetime subscribing, then here is something I should tell you. I’m not getting my monthly gems.

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Monthly subscriptions get monthly gems - 3500 each month.
Yearly and Lifetime memberships get one-years worth of gems (3500 x 12 or 42000) up front.