Listing Liaison (HTML) second goal problem

Hello, I’m really new to all this coding thing and I can’t seem to find why my HTML code doesn’t work for this particular problem

Edit: It only worked after I copied first part of the program and pasted it in instead of the one written by me

Are you using the number 1 in your <ul> tag?

I tried using both 1 from num lock and 1 in the upper part of letter’s keyboard.

It is the letter L as in: Unordered List.

Oh… My bad, sorry for creating such stupid topics…

Not a stupid topic at all. I’ll keep an eye out for similar behavior, because if one person posts on the forum, there is a chance multiple people have encountered the same thing.

Keep learning!

Thanks! Even though I encountered this problem, I really like this game! Keep up with it :slight_smile:

another il1 error :slight_smile:

</p> **! Error - unexpected end tag (p). ignored.**

It’s because you need a <p> tag at the front. </p> ends the tag. So for example, if I want to have a text saying “Hello World”, it would be <p>"Hello World"</p>.

"Hello World"

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