Logical Forest [ Level Help ]

I’m not sure if it’s an issue with me coding it wrong, or the fact that the paths change do to randomness. But I followed the instructions exactly, and still get treated as if my logical thinking were faulty. even after I had gotten a success message.

I assume you’re suppose to avoid the red xs, but beyond that I’m not sure what is faulty if I’m following the instructions exactly.

Is this one of those random path levels? If so why not have a findNearestX command, if the goal is to make people code more simply.

The object being taught is how to use logical operators to solve a problem and reach the goal (end point). Having a findNearestX function would defeat this purpose.

The path will be random each time you submit…this is true for almost all levels at this point. This helps to ensure that your code is solid and that you’ve solved the level using code to come to the proper decision, rather than just hard/hand coded destination points.

If you are having problems completing the level, go ahead and post your code and we’ll help you get it going.

@LWFlouisa are you still stuck on this problem?