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I have a student working on the Hour of Code challenges, but is not able to login. Each time she enters her information and clicks the button, it flashes in response to the click but nothing happens and there is no error provided. She has closed the site, hard closed the browser, and restarted her iPad with no success. Please help! She’s super motivated to continue so I don’t want to lose that momentum!
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Please send an email to support@codecombat.com, detailing this issue…I think a copy and paste of the above would be sufficient. The CodeCombat staff are not always monitoring this forum, but should see a direct message in due time.

I’ve been trying to submit the form on the Contact page without success, so thank you, thank you for sharing the email address. I couldn’t find it anywhere!

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Try to use it in a different device? Tell her to not use the ipad ,Try something else

Yes, thanks. She was able to get in using the Horizon app to get a virtual desktop. She only had an iPad, so not able to switch to a different device. Also, CodeCombat does not support mobile use. It worked for 95% of our students, though.
Still worth using if you can!


The team was working on a mobile app a while ago, but it seems like they discontinued the development because of the huge issues it had.

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