Magma mountain - glitch? or bug?

So my teacher has a custom magma mountain arena and there’s this one guy that the game says that I lost to. But when I open the game by clicking battle, it says “success” and that I beat him 16-0 (health ratio). This has been happening for 2 weeks with the same person. Help!!!

I asked the guy about what he was seeing on his side (my classmate) and it says success for him when he played against me. I tried ranking my game a few times and sometimes I did win and I lost 2-3 times and the same thing happened, I clicked “battle” and it said “success” and that I won 16-0.

this means that he sumbited you played him and lost but then he submited a new code and it lost to you

I have one more question, how do you use “hero.getLavaMap()”? Also, are there any strategies you recommend?

He hasn’t submitted his code in 11 days and it was when I submitted it that I got the loss.

Maybe just re submit your code with a small change then chang it back

I do not know how to use get lava map. But I as a recommendation I would highly recommend have an adaptive code the can detect lava can you pm me your code and I can help

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Sometimes win, sometime lose: it implies that your code is not good enough. My suggestion is yo enhance your code until you win every time. You don’t need to use lavamap to win.

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i mean i got second place and i did not use lava map