May I get refund?

Hello Codecombat.
Today my daddy told me his credit card was paid $9.99 for the next month.
but I dont know it is paid without any notification for the next month.
Could you please refund it?
today is the first day for the next month.


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@Tao_Fan Sorry, but I do not have the power to help you with this issue, but I think that @stephanie (the customer support specialist) might be able to help you with your problem. Just wait a little bit for her to answer and hopefully they can get your problem sorted out. Hope this helps!

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maybe contact @Tao_Fan.

Yes @Tao_Fan try emailing or calling a number if there is one I’m not exactly sure.

For the record that is a Email Adress not a link

It actually is a link because it sends you to another browser to email CodeCombat

Only if you have mail set up.

which you MUST have if you have signed into CodeCombat forum.

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Hello @Tao_Fan,
We’re sorry to hear about the issue you’re experiencing. Please email the issue you’re having and username.
Sorry for the inconvenience!