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Payment methods

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to ask if there is a way of paying the monthly fee with PayPal instead of a credit card? I´d really like to play the game, but I don´t own a credit card so at this point there is no way for me to subscribe. I know there has probably already been a question like this, but the only similar question was asked some years ago and I don´t know if the answer is still up to date. I already sent an email to, but I didn´t get an answer.

I´d appreciate any help that you can provide.

Hi @JanoH,
The support team is currently enjoying the break. Please wait until the next business day.

Thank you for the quick answer!
Do you know when their next business day is gonna be?

Probably this week or the next. I’ll try asking.

Hello @JanoH, apologies for the holiday delay. Please feel free to email me at and I will happily get you a paypal invoice.