Merlin's Staff idea

Yes, I know there is an Idea Suggestions Thread, but I think this staff would be really cool, and I need help getting ideas for spells/DPS/etc, here’s what I have so far: (I even added some funny comments ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

const myIdea = new Item({
    Name: "Merlin's Staff", 
    Spells: {
        fireball: {
            description: 'shoots a big fiery projectile in the direction specified that explodes on impact', 
            damage: 500, // I mean, it probably turns them into ashes...
            AOE: true, // It's a lot of fire, it can't be contained
            range: 200, // Fades out as it flies. (Which means that its damage decreases as it flies)
            explosionRadius: 20, // Again, it's a lot of fire, it just can't be contained
            cooldown: 60, // Probably burned your fingers off, gotta heal them
            takes: 5, // C'mon, it's gotta take a while to get all that fire, it has to come from somewhere :]
            cost: 25000, // It's OP, especially with Pender
            usageExample: "hero.cast('fireball', Math.PI)" // Math.PI repesenting 180 degrees but in radians

BTW, tell me if I should move this to the off-topic section

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Haha C# is a good language to learn

using System;
public class Response{
    public static void Main(){\
        var user = moonwatcher348;
        if(myIdea.type=='interesting'&& myIdea.type=='worthy'){
            Console.WriteLine('this is most certainly an interesting idea, and 
            would be devastating to any hordes of enemies. However, I must 
            admit the practical applications of this weapon are a stretch. It 
            is also heavily oriented towards premium players who use a high 
            speed character.');
            Console.WriteLine('But otherwise, not a bad idea. It may need some
            balancing for practical use, though.');

Bru- I have learned a BIT of C++

WDYM a high-speed character? A slow character would be fine too…

The 60 second cooldown would absolutely decimate a slow character. So long as my thinking was correct in your putting this in the primary weapon slot, not something like a gloves slot or whatever. A high speed character could run from enemies for long enough to use the cooldown.

Hmm, but it takes 5 seconds to cast, so even if you’re super fast, you need an army to hold the enemies

I think the five second charge time is reasonable. ESPECIALLY considering the damage that is being done along with the AOE. And health is something that can be managed with armor and other items. If I look at the price tag, this would be a pretty late game item, and any low health characters may have had time to get the armor necessary.

Hmm, true, but this is only for wizards, so the max health would be 1720 with Nalfar

But as you said, being paired with Pender (14 m/s) would destroy everybody. They won’t be taking damage for very long, and can outrun the enemy for the 60 second cooldown.


var enemy=hero.findNearestEnemy();
    hero.cast('ker-freaking-blammo', enemy.pos.x, enemy.pos.y);

this brings the cooldown to 20 seconds, making it even easier for Pender to do insane amounts of damage.

The reason Pender is OP is because of reset-cooldown, not speed… and yeah, I guess Pender can outrun them, but then, if someone wanted to get Merlin’s Staff, they would take that into account and buy a fast hero

I just think some balancing would be in order, because this would definitely be a big help for some horde missions, I just want there to still be a challenge for some. And my god, if I saw this on Dueling Grounds I would lose my mind.

hero.cast('ker-freaking-blammo', x, y);

I think this should be the function btw

No, not to x and y, I want there to be some work to calculate where to shoot it and I think it’s better with direction because it keeps going until it hits a wall or fades out :]


make a function kinda like

function highestEnemyDensity()

I did once actually, for poison-cloud, LOL

I must admit, overrall, not a bad idea, i just think some balancing might be needed, like maybe a 7 -9 second charge time, and a 45 second cooldown, for the non resetCooldown characters

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And also probably an attack value as well as one normal ability

it would have to be kind of weak anyway i gtg