New Character Ideas

I have new ideas for characters and maybe you guys can put the ones I post to this in the game?
They can be edited in the game, these are just bases.
Like this one:
Soul Caster:
Health: 200 HP
Attack Damage: 120
Range: 70 Meters
Shoots: Black Balls of Darkness
shadowRange(): Fires the darkness all around, doing 40 damage per hit.
darkMagic(): Makes his Darkness do 20 more damage for 2 attacks. Cooldown: 12 secs.

Anyone there?
Cuz I really want to make characters.

shouldn’t this be in the(ideas suggestion thread?)

@OOFDABEE, I think this belongs in a separate topic, but since your topic is about characters ONLY, I don’t know.

@Deadpool198, can you confirm this?

how much will this “soul caster” cost?

3100 gems??? i do not know

I think it is a type of ogre like munchkin or fangrider