[Idea] Mage Items

If this is not the place where I post ideas, tell me in the comments.
I think codecombat needs a mage update. You are doing great work, but:

  • Firstly, more spells. How about making holy magic with spells like blessing (take 0.5 less damage for some time)? Also renaming Life Magic to Nature Magic would be great, moving Regen to holy magic, and replacing it with Root spell causing poisoning, dealing damage and freezing nearby enemies for some time. I think that it would be possible to like mana limit, for example 6, so you can have one V tier magic tome and one I tier magic tome. Ah, and add blink please (a kind of teleportation, doesn’t pass through walls)
  • New weapons: new staffs with new abilities. And make it like mage is a class that needs to balance so sometimes there wasn’t a “better” staff, just like one staff is good combined with bla bla bla magic and the second with ble ble ble magic, or one is more defensive and one more offensive. Or one would have spells that actually need a good code tactic and the second was easy to play, but softly weaker. This would motivate players a lot! The other thing is adding new potions to omar- he is the brewmaster!
  • Armor rework: armors should give you special bonuses, for example the gryffin armor would give you speed. I’m waiting for new mage armors too- there are only 10 robes and 8 wizard hats (not including the viking helmet and the fur cap)
    So, I am waiting to see any reaction from you, users of codecombat, to my idea and you, the creators.
    Yours Sincerely,
    The 21st Human Team player in Dueling Grounds :smiley:

This is a great idea @xantar! :smile:, The mods are making other stuff right now so i wouldn’t be too sure that they might see this reccomendation. But i think that this is a great idea. I think there will be armor for rangers that gives them speed. Also there will be armor for wizards that will reduce all cooldowns by around 40%, and this is just the robe! The hat for this will increase your attack speed and the speed of the missile. So the vine staff would become so OP. cus with pender it does a lot of damage (around 110), the thing is that it is really slow. But with the robe of the magi the speed would increase. In the thang editor you will se a lot of cool ideas that might come out. Well one thing is coming out soon, Illa! they are so close, they have her abilities and pic. Just a few more things till we have a new hero

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What’s your nick in codecombat?
And did you do to the 8th time in Fight in the Wildernsess (int the forest)?

Umm it has a hybrid letter in it but i could give you it without the hybrid. GalaxyOwl4 im 3 in lost viking leaderboard

Hello there, the current dev’s priority is work to improve the experience for schools - students, teachers, and administrators. As said by maka here:

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Mods don’t make stuff, only devs do, mods just moderate this forum.

It’s a good idea, but I don’t expect these items to be made in 1-2 years. Maybe new items will come in like 5 years or so?

Thanks for help. And you earned helper by replying to posts or is it a kind of rank or something?

No, the devs gave it to me because I contributed to discourse for a very long time.

a very, very long time…

as for your idea, @xantar, it is a good idea, but then they need to add more levels.I barely have any gems.

I just happened to be in 21st place in the ogres team.

lel see me? in human ranking? (my name is konstantys)

you’re 20th place now.

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I’m 1st place in cavern survival blue team and 5th place in cavern survival red team.

My name is shadow-assasinator.

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I dont play cavern survival, I prefer the dueling grounds

To be honest, #1 You guys are all getting off topic #2 I hate multiplayer levels because subscribers always get to be the top.

You guys can make a non sub clan if you want to see the leaderboard of only non subs.

@Chaboi_3000 most of the good people are subs tho. It isn’t fun to beat people who don’t have max armor and stuff.

But if you’re good an tactical enough, you can win. I bet @nick can win with his boss star 5 with tharin

@Chaboi_3000 well #1 most people don’t have boss star 5 rip. #2 Yes he can win, but not against everyone.

Nah he can get godmode and change his HP, but that’ll be cheating so he doesn’t do that…