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Missing Flag icons?



I recently start playing the game, and got to the point where i got the flag to equip in my inventory.

There was quick demo which was explaining how to use it, so there were 3 flag icons in bottom left corner, where i was able to select the flag i want, and then place it on the map.

My flag is equipped and im absolutely fine with a code, but i don’t see those flags icons any more in the bottom left corner. How to place a flag if icons are not there?


u can only use ur flag when u sendet the game. (right button) While u are in preview, u cant use them.
my game is currently in german, so i hope ur buttons mean the same ^^
When u send the game, in the lower left corner u see the Flags, or u can use the shortcuts :slight_smile:


Ohh you right, i figure out. in English it called “Submit”

So yes, in preview Flags icons are not available, only when you submit the game.

Not handy i should say!



Do not quote me on this but I think the team is working on a solution


Which level was confusing? We have tried to mention in a bunch of places on the first few flag levels to press submit to place flags, but maybe we are missing some levels where it’s still not natural to do so.


No, no its all ok, i know it was mentioned, but unfortunately i did managed to miss it some how, or didn’t pay attention! it is my fault.

However i do believe that it will be handy to allow set flags before submit button, right in editor, don’t see why it was specificity restricted to submit

P.S. thank you very much for such an amazing portal! you are awesome in any way!