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Where are the flags?


Playing Cooper Meadows. I didn’t see the input to put flags.
Even if I fixed the empty if statement, the program won’t move forward since it’s waiting for next flag.
In Coinucopia, users can insert flags, is that what I should expect in Cooper Meadows level as well?

Thank you

I got this figured out after I clicked on submit.
This post can be deleted. Sorry about the confusion.


Sorry for the confusion, @jenipherc! What do you think we could have done to make it easier to grok that the flags only show up when you are trying to submit? Want to make this easier for other players, too.


I think the easiest way for the CodeCombat team is to add a hint in the code editor as a comment.

Now I recalled that at previous level, I was informed that I would have to “submit” from then on.
Since I still have the habit of clicking “run” to test my code as I can modify it while it’s running, I forgot about the “submit”

Or you can change the logic to maybe add an animation showing an arrow pointing the “submit” button as a reminder, after the user clicks “run”.

my two cents. :smile:


Ah, capital idea! I have added the comment to the initial sample code for the level so that later players will have an easier time of it. Thanks!