Misty Island Mine Feedback:

Misty Island Mine should require at least the Fire Opal Sense Stone, because it requires the use of target. Otherwise, no bugs that I can see.

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While playing Misty Island Mine I found that commanding peasants to make a decoy when enemies were within 10m to be an ineffective strategy. Often my peasants were being killed in the time it takes an enemy to close the distance. Upping the distance to 15m kept them alive a lot more consistently, but occasionally a peasant would still get offed. The most effective strategy I’ve found is to command a peasant to produce a dummy the instant that peasant gets targeted by its nearest enemy. All of my peasants lived through this strategy.

In a special case (unlucky ?), the first enemy appears after 5s. And it killed my first peasant after 6.5s. At that time, only 17 coins were collected. Unlucky ? I could think yes, because no coins appears near my peasant, and they need to travel a lot to collect their first item, and it lead them close to the enemy. After that, peasant 2 and 3 were killed in less than 10s. Still not enough gold to build a decoy.
The last one survive until the end, but he can’t reach the 300 limit.
I will check my code to see if there is a mistake somewhere, but looking at the maps at the beginning, no real errors from my peasant.
I’ll try with another seed.
Edit : during another try, the first enemy appears only after 10s. Far easier…
Edit 2 : Maybe it’s my code, but I never saw a woman building a decoy. both men did, but both women did not (and died).

Did you have enough money when they should have been building decoys?

For my current seed, Shimron builds three, Mary builds two, and piers builds four (in that order, even).
Are you checking to see if there is enough gold before building?? (I’m not, I probably should but I don’t.)
I tried a different seed and Mary builds two, then runs out of money and dies on the third.

It seems that the female peasants (for me, at least) don’t have a peasant.gold property defined, even though the instructions in the sample code say they do. I used this.gold/self.gold instead. At least none of my peasants die.

Trotod seems right. If I change peasant.gold by this.gold, it works better. Everybody build decoys.

Patch submitted to allow .gold to work for female peasants. (They had it, it was just not “turned on”.)

One might expect .gold to report that peasants collected gold, but it reports current “team” gold.

By time scoreboard is meaningless
Level finished only after world end - 59.9

send some patches addressing this