Multiplayer Treasure Grove question

Does multiplayer treasure grove require 100 total gold, or live 100 gold?

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100 total gold moonwatcher348

Are you sure? Because if that’s true… >:)

It’s live 100 gold, you can kill an opponent, but they will respawn after a few seconds(About 10?)

10 would be like 1/6th of the world duration, they respawn after like 2.

No, it’s 6.

No, 6 seconds is way too long.

Bruh, you would waste 15 seconds killing an enemy hero.

You could use ranger

I’m not a subscriber, who spent $100 on a game.

I invest my money on stocks, I earned $3 just from Camber Energy(CEI).

I have month sub but it became like a life time sub

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