Mutliplayer Treasure Grove

I was looking into being at least in a top 10 in multi player when this happened.



This didnt happen to me (its the person i was “playing” agaisnt)but it would be really annoying if it did. (if you dont understand what the images mean its that when they respawn they are just a dead body and the code doesnt run idk what happened cause it never happened to me but can fix that?)

P.S Sometimes when the player uses Anya it always shows as tie if i won and lose if i tie.

P.S.S I kinda wanna complain that summoning is to op in some multiplayer games :rofl:(especially burls and skele’s)

You can try it too(brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

Umm, maybe if you died too many times(2~3 maybe?), it would just stop, then you will 100% lose, maybe(just my idea)

What did you mean by that? You’ve just revived one.

Nothing just explaining

If you meant nothing, why did you write something?

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No, just saying not replying to dead topics on purpose

But you revived a dead topic by saying that. Pretty ironic, don’t you think?

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I mean, that’s okay, but I don’t think the person you were replying to will read the post. Or even if they’d read, I don’t think it will be actual now because the problem is either solved or forgotten.


OK, i understood now