If I become a paying user, do I have to be in multiplayer mode?


I am considering signing up to be a paying user of codecombat, but I really don’t want to be playing against other users.

I’m using the game to teach my five year old son to write python and we are quite happy playing against the fictional ogres. I don’t want my son to have to deal with strangers online just yet.

Is there any way that we can sign up to have all the support videos and so on, without having the multi-player game aspect?

We are stuck on “Hold the forest pass”, so we can’t go on without signing up.



In multiplayer mode, all you do is submit a code for your character, and matches will be simulated with other players’ codes.

Thanks! Does that mean that I won’t actually meet other players or have conversations with them? Ta!

You won’t be meeting anyone in multiplayer; as EnchantedAndroid said all you do is submit code, and you and other players can simulate games. It’s not really a “live” match, rather, it’s code vs. code over time.

Also multiplayer is completely optional.

Each level also has it’s own page where you can see each level’s leaderboard, as well as the option to test your code against someone else’s code, or to just spectate a match.

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Oh I see! Thanks, that’s good to know. We’ll have a go then. :smile:

Multiplayer is a nice way to be creative with code, try it out!

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