Multiplayer questions

So I’ve been having fun with Multiplayer and got a few questions with both Brawlwood and the Dungeon.
firstoff can I get the cooldown for the primary attack? special spells seem to have a cooldown that I can get but the primary attack does not that I can see.

sometimes my munchkins in brawlwood seem to cluster around a single soldier attacking it, but take ages to kill it. are they getting in the way of each other and unable to get any closer, then attacking while out of range and doing no damage?

I had some other questions as well, but I seem to have forgotten what they were as I wrote. oh well I guess I’ll remember later.

The primary attack has a specific cooldown equal to the general cooldown, so your hero’s chooseAction() method isn’t called while she’s in the cooldown phase for that.

It’s very possible that the munchkins are having problems hitting the soldiers. Do you notice them performing attacks but the soldiers not taking damage? You can click on specific munchkins to check their targets, and zoom in to see if the health is going down on the targets as they are attacking. They really don’t do much damage unless there are some archers around.

Ah, so getting Tharin to shield between swings, or have the archers/throwers run between shots won’t really work.

I’ll take a closer look at the munchkins clustering and see if I can figure out some actual numbers.

er also, I’ve just noticed in Brawlwood that my munchkins are no longer able to this.getEnemyMissiles();
did something change? this was working two days or so ago when I was messing with it.
getEnemyMissiles(); is still there under ‘More’ tab in the spells. however everything in that tab is showing twice. anyone else seeing this? should I get a screenshot?

Oops, sorry about that! Thanks for noticing. I’ve reverted the bug that caused the “More” stuff to double and stop working.

That’s fixed now, thanks! now my munchkins are back killing stuff.

I’m having a problem with the debugger not showing info when I click on a unit though, to get it to show variable info after clicking on a unit I have to recast the spell, except I can’t recast it unless the spell has changed, so I end up shoving a blank line in somewhere just to get the variable info.

another question: can I calculate where a shell is going to land? I can get the position and velocity vectors, but not how long it’s got till it hits.
maybe allowing that would be slightly cheat-y though…

On Brawlwood, the performance is too poor to show the debugger info for every unit, so it only collects it for the one that was selected when you cast the spell. Your workaround is good for now. Eventually I’ll make it so that the debugger re-runs the world up until the specific frame for the selected unit, so it can get all possible runtime information for the point you’re interested in-but that’s going to be tricky.

No current way to calculate how long the shell has until it hits (perhaps that would make things too easy?), but my human code does a few tricks with this that might be worth checking out.

I understand the reason why debug info can’t be shown for every unit, however I don’t understand why the cast spell button is greyed out if there’s been no changes.

In an ideal world, casting the spell again with no changes wouldn’t do anything, and having it greyed out is an indicator that you haven’t made any significant changes since the last time you cast. That there happens to be this temporary hack I put in for just one level where recasting the spell adds runtime debugging information suggests to me that I need to fix my temporary hack, not the code-has-not-changed indicator.