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Talk about items in CoCo

Here you can talk about anything about items, I am currently confused about Gift of the Trees and Boom Balls. Enjoy😁.

Can you change this to off topic?

In what way are you confused about those items? I’ll probably be able to explain if I know what you’re confused about.

Many people say that GOTT can shoot more than 1 arrow, but when I bought it and tried it, it only shoots one arrow at a time and scattershot only shoots 3. Also, I think I have seen that some people in arenas have bows that always shoot 3-4 arrows at a time. As to Boom balls, they are so expensive yet does so little damage, why is that so? I haven’t tried it before really because of its expensive price and disappointing damage. Please help, thanks.

And also I forgot to change the categorize, hee hee. Next time I will change it, thx for your reminder, qwerty.

i would have, but i’m not regular

For GOTT it shoot more than one arrow you have to use the scattershot function.