WHY WHY you do this C.C

why do you have to pay 10$ a month! for the good stuff! I hate websites that do this I am getting bored of both the original characters I might quit codecombat completely.

Quit if you want. It’s all a matter of your opinion.


We have to support our business somehow! Perhaps your parents would spring for $10 for a month so you could unlock a ranger or wizard hero and do the premium levels?


I think it’s necessary to pay $10 or in my case $9. As @nick said, you have to support codecombat somehow. But again as @ChronistGilver mentioned, it’s your choice to quit or not.

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what does the money even go to?

Not quite sure. But @nick, you know how you have to pay each month and it’ll give you free hero’s and gems. Well I haven’t had to pay again and it hasn’t given me any free hero’s. And I haven’t had to pay $9.00 again. Also I’ve gotten gems without paying. Is that intentional?

The money goes to the code Combat devs(to support their families)

@Luke10 is you have subscription you get 3500 gems a month and the free heroes are Tharin and anya

(@nick are Hushbam and Amara free? I forget)

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Ok thanks :smile: :smile:

Not free, but pretty cheap if you are subscribed and beat the levels that unlock them: Hushbaum is 630 and Amara is 400.

Nick, if you subscribe for a month, unlock all chars, then de-subscribe, do you still have them?

Yup, although you do have to buy them after you unlock them, but you can do that at any time. And you can also replay any subscriber-only levels that you have played while you were subscribed.

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