My ripoff of Giant's Gate

Competition for gold announces success now!

i know this is off topic but where are you all in the blue team rankings for treasure grove?

I’m number 2769, with 3652 points. @strongster

I made another one, called Spawn Competition.

It’s got the summoner gang.

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i love it already :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

im #1 in summoner and the red cliffs ripoff :grin: :grin:



Fun Fact: My used hero is Okar, though I’m not a subscriber.

can you debuff witch so it only shoots one projectile at a time? right now it is both op support AND damage, so maybe debuff the damage?

could you update the hints so they include your new units

In summoner? I haven’t added new units for a few days.

archers are not in the hints

Well, they are. If you look carefully.

ok thanks i found them :slight_smile:
could u add fangriders and chieftans


I’m a little busy with school rn.

yea same here i think i will be done in the afternoon
you wont be seeing me for a while