Battle of Red cliffs ripoff

I made a ripoff of Battle of Red cliffs called Spawn Competition, the link is below. I added more thangs, buffed/nerfs thangs. Hope you will enjoy!

good game overall but can you add a knight abbility to shield? please. thank you @Coder3

I’ll try to add that, I tested before and some didn’t work correctly.

fight me:
@Alfa_Jayden_Iskandar @cheddarcheese

Please, add bombers, headhunters, witches, and ogres into the hints pretty please. @Coder3

also I have an idea:
1 dps 1000 hp

hmmmmmmm ok charsssssssss


Im op

i defeat u lol charsssssssssssssssss

I defeated you

I defeated you

I also dethroned you

I also have an idea for you
Decoy: 500 HP, 0 DPS, cannot receive buffs, enemies attack this first no matter what

I made

Thanks for the idea! I’ll try to add that.

also debuff witch attack and buff headhunter and bomber because witch is op and headhunter and bomber are trash

Ok, the level is really lagging.

I’m first now. I changed my code into diamond code.