My way of writing 20 chars

So a lot of ppl have found out about the heart bug where you can write posts without writing 20 characters. Chaboi removed it and even before that I found out a cool way to make 20 chars more interesting. Basically if you wanna write a short sentence like e.g. “It’s Yummy” for Peters food topic, you would normally write “(20 chars)”. but I like to write e.g. “(20 chars think its yummy too)”. it just makes using the 20 character limit a lot more fun to use :smiley: . If you want to, you are free to use this as well, no citing or whatever needed. I know a lot of people already know I do this and they do it as well, but for those of you that dont know, now you do! Have fun with making 20 chars more inspirable!

(20 chars like this Idea as well :stuck_out_tongue: )



this is my way of less than 20 chars

It’s okay to sometimes bypass 20 characters. However, usually try to do them and be a good example. Especially use 20 characters in normal topics. In pms it’s usually fine to bypass them. But do not spam! In fact, your message that only said “hey”, could almost be considered spam.