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How do you edit an avatar or profile pic?

Under “My Account” there is a cartoon avatar. I don’t know how I selected this, and it might be the default image.
I’d like to change it. When I go into My Profile or Settings I don’t see any options to change my profile pic.

Can you please help? Is it possible to edit it? Or is it based on level? What about changing the gender? Is that possible?

Hi Molly, welcome to the forum! Towards the upper right of the window, you should see 3 icons…Search, the ‘hamburger’ and your picture. If you click on your picture, it will show a drop-down, at the top of which is your name. Click on your name and then on Preferences. You should be able to change your pic here, as well as fill out your profile. If you don’t have the ‘edit’ picture option, it might be that you need to reach the next trust level…this will come automatically, as you read more posts, respond, or post your own.

thanks, dedreous. To be clear, I’m referring to the avatar used in the game - not the forum. Will changing the forum avatar update the game profile pic?

heh…I missed that. If you are playing free, you have 4 avatars (heros) initially available. You can switch between them at the start of a level, or by clicking the Game Menu when in game.

You are not able to change the character’s pic tho…just which character you are playing. Gender is fixed also.

Oh, they removed the option to add a profile picture using gravatar. :frowning: