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[Pretty much Solved] Not seeing my bio for my profile


I wrote a lot of awesome things about myself but now all of it is gone!


Did it save?

(20 spooders)


Yea it saved (20 char)


If you go to my home page it shows it but not when you click in my name


is it in the right spot?


Yea it is :thinking:


I can see it just fine.


You do? (Whats happening)


But dats on the home page, not when you click on a name. Right?


When i click on my name it only shows my location and website


Same thing with your name is happening here.




wut is happening? is dis a glitch not found yet?


This is what I see when I click on your name…


When you click on mt name in the post



@maka @MunkeyShynes or some other moderator can you pls help me


Wow, that’s what it looks like when ur a mod. Lucky. I wish I can be one. ;(


I had that as well maybe it’s because you’ve got an emoji in there? Try it without it.


I don’t understand the issue. What’s not showing up? And where and when?

What do you see when you look that you think other people don’t see?
(or vice versa – like I said, I don’t understand the issue)