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Need Help for Backwoods Brawl and Sarven Brawl (python)


I see you fixed the move() boots!
They make a HUGE difference. I was able to beat Backwoods Brawl 8 and Sarven Brawl 5.

For those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to play with them yet, Compound Boots and up have a non-blocking move command that works now.

I now have so many enemies on screen for these maps that self.findNearest(self.findEnemies()) prevents my code from finishing, as it thinks its in an infinite loop.


Wow, nice moves! I am impressed. That is indeed a lot of dudes. We might have to put in some harder ones at the high end to nerf that strategy a bit. :wink:


Maybe some kind of caster that can do a slow or snare, that would make it pretty hard. You’d have to identify and take them out before you got swarmed.


For some reason, when I use the boots of leaping, and I do

self.move({"x":50, "y":50})

for example, I just move toward the coordinates but then I stop.


It needs to be in a loop to work. I explained the reason for it and provided some example code here:


Dang Nick level 6! IO can’t beat level 4… I make to 50 seconds then get wrecked.
My strat is placing caltrops when they are fay away then just ramming through with emperor gloves, power up, and attacking,


EDIT: I beat 4 after experimenting a ton with the order I summoned troops. Soldier, griffin-rider, archer does the trick! :smiley:


all the brawls are glitched for me they say that they give me 500 gems or 700 and they give me only 200 for level 4
plz fix


@Steven_Kang2003 The behavior (amount of gems earned) is correct, this is an user interface issue that doesn’t communicate clearly. See the previous threads and the bug report.

"Backwoods Brawl"

so am i going to get the gems that i deserved?


does that mean that i will get the gems i deserve?:open_mouth:


As I said before, the behavior (amount of gems earned) is, in fact, correct. You did earn the deserved amount.

The UI shows the accumulated total of gems that you have earned in all rounds instead of only the current round’s gems. That needs improving.

You can see the previous threads (and several others, if you use the search feature) that explains this further.

Not getting full rewards in repeatable levels

It means that you already received the right amount.


ok sure so the prize gets less worth the more i go


Well, not really. The prizes gets higher for each round, but it is much less than the accumulated total amount you’ve earned.

For example, here is a bogus repeatable level’s reward chart—the gem rewards do not correspond to any existing level, this just demonstrates the relation between a given round’s rewards and the displayed amount in the victory screen:

|         |  Actual reward | Accumulated total (shown in victory screen) |
| Round 1 |    100 gems    |     100 gems                                |
| Round 2 |    125 gems    |     225 gems                                |
| Round 3 |    150 gems    |     375 gems                                |

Note that this will likely change once this issue is resolved.

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i am on the exact same levels 4th backwood brawl and 3rd sarven brawl


i realize this is an old topic…i have just returned for more and more gems :smiley:
so…my code,i came back and updated it for my higher level character, knight, and i dont know if i can post it, cuz i dont know if it is just an issue with me, but when i try to run it, it is now giving me an error stating “cannot read property ‘start’ of undefined”

halp meh

if you need to see the code, idk, i guess i could find a way to send it, i still am decently new to posting stuff here

def commandGriffins():
    for grffin-rider in hero.findByType("griffin-rider"):
        hero.command(griffin-rider, "defend", self)

found the issue, but that brings yet another issue
that code was causing the issue, and now im, questioning, how do i command a griffin rider to defend itself


I guess you could have the rider defend an x,y position and that would be the same as defending itself. Why not just command it to attack instead of defend? Isn’t that kind of the same thing as defending itself?


This is not really relevant, but you have a typo.

In this line.

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