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Need Help for Backwoods Brawl and Sarven Brawl (python)

You have level 17 in Backwoods brawl???

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No, I think that @Zoe_Witte said that he/she has level 17 on her Code Combat account.


I am saying my character is level 17 look at bottom left

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If I post my code do you think you can help me beat it

MOD edit: Solution removed

Delete it from here and send it to me in a PM. I will help you there. (In this level everyone should come out with a different tactic and not copy from anyone)


Ah, yes. I just have in 13 in Backwoods Brawl (and 41 in CC account) And I thought…

ONLY??? But now I understand. If you want, invite me to that PM.

What is PM stand for.

It’s Private Message.

How do I do that exactly?

Just click “Message” (blue button):

And write the name of PM.

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