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New Beginner's Campaign


Hey Guys, my name is Mischa and this past month myself and a team of students began work on a comprehensive beginner campaign, targeted at older elementary school kids. The goal of this project was and is to deliver the educational content in as fun and entertaining a manner as possible. Unfortunately, we have reached the end of the month, which mean classes have started, which means that many of the member of my team will no longer be able to continue work on the project.

Three of us, however, shall continue, and we’d love it if we could get more Artisans on board to work on this project. I’ll give you access to the scripts and designs we have come up with so far and we’d of course love your input on what we’ve designed thus far. Together we can set some goals for having playable parts of the campaign, and hopefully we can soon have the entire thing finished, which should help the project open up new user groups in schools!

If you want an idea of what we’ve done so far, check out our group’s blog link:

Please respond if you’d like to help out and I’ll gladly email or videochat with you to get you started.

Many thanks,
Mischa Lewis-Norelle


Sounds awesome! I’m busy now, but I have a student that might want to jump in, I’ve emailed this link to him so he can check it out. I’ve been playing with some of the stuff on the site as well, but have had to put it on hold to go back to teaching math! Looking forward to getting caught up on work so I can play on coding some more!


Yeah I would be interested, unfortunately my time is very limited, and I’m not very experienced at coding codecombat campaigns. So not sure how much help I would be able to be, but I’m willing to do some stuff, sounds like a good project. Though I would want to wonder the difference between this introduction and the introduction produced by the actual codecombat team?


Thanks for the referral @dwhittaker! If your student would like to be brought up to speed on what I am looking for and what I’ve done thus far, I would be more than happy to Hangout with him at any point!


Hey @thocoop, though there are of course similarities between the two, our campaign is a bit slower paced and methodical as it is targeted at a younger audience. Furthermore, our campaign in strictly non-violent, which should add to its appeal to schools and institutions of learning. This hopefully will reduce resistance to reaching our target audience.

As for how you can help, believe me, every little bit helps. If you want some more experience in building levels before helping out on this project, I would suggest building a simple level with the following structure: 1. The player says something. 2. A goal is initialized stating that the player must reach a certain point. 3. The player must uncomment the code and then presses the play button to enact the code already provided in the coding window. 4. Upon reaching the goal location, the goal is triggered and the victory screen is displayed.

This is more or less the challenge I gave to each person in my level building team at the beginning, since it does a great job of covering all the areas of scripting that are needed to make a comprehensive level.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Once you’ve finished that level let me know and we can get you integrated into the project!


Hey @dwhittaker, Any chance your student would still like to help us build our new non-violent beginners campaign? School work has been incredibly intense this semester and I could really use some assistance. @thocoop, same offer extends to you, I would love to have you help out on this project. If you’re interested please let me know and I’ll show you have to dive in!


Unfortunately, you are talking to the same person when you ask about my student, then mention thecoop in the same post. They are one and the same. Currently, he is working hard on his senior thesis. Possibly when that is done he’ll have more time, but he’ll have to decide on that one.